August 8: Rena's bd (47)
August 11: RAW in Portland, OR
August 17: SummerSlam in LA, CA
August 18: RAW in Las Vegas, NV
Sept 15: RAW in Lafayette, LA
Sept 21: Night Of Champions in Nashville, TN (not confirmed)
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"If one Diva defines WWE's "Attitude Era" it is Sable."

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In 2000 Playboy named Rena their "Sex Star of the new Millennium".
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Well, if I’m not missing anything it took almost 2 and a half years to get new video material of Rena. Although Brock was only a few feet away someone actually had the balls to film the couple… finally. Nothing spectacular is happening in the clip (a fan trying to get a picture with Brock but gets turned down) but it’s always good to see Rena which is way to rare these days.

The video shows Rena & Brock at the Orlando airport, the very airport he proposed to her years ago. Filmed july 24th 2014.

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Found this snapshot of Rena & Brock in Miami Beach. They’ve been in the area since RAW this past monday and still are.
BtU8bPsCMAASpie.jpg large

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Vince Russo posted an article on his official website in which he talks about  “FIVE WOMEN I’D LET BEAT ME IN THE MIDDLE, PROCEED TO KICK MY !@#$%, AND, LOVE IT!!!“. Before giving his list he explains why Sable is not on it and in the process reveals that there were plans to bring Rena to TNA as an authority figure…

But, before I get into my top five list, I had to explain why someone was omitted–-Sable. There is no doubt that Sable would have been at the top of my list, if not THE top. During her Attitude Era run, Sable dominated the male viewing audience through her combination of beauty, athleticism, and 100% ATTITUDE. She was more of the complete package than even Lex Luger was. However, a few years back when I came up with the idea to bring Sable in as an authority figure at TNA, I gave her a call having not spoken to her for years. A guy answered the phone, and I asked for Rena. Rena got on the phone, we had a great conversation catching up, and talking about future possibilities with TNA. I hung up the phone with Rena, and told her to think about it and I’d call her back in a few days.

Well, literally within seconds of me hanging up the phone, Kurt Angle called me. He seemed both confused and concerned. “Vince, what did you do?” he asked. “I said, “Kurt, what are you talking about?”  “Did you just call Rena Mero?”, he asked. I said, “Yeah, how do you know?” Kurt answered, “Because, Brock Lesner was the one who answered the phone–-and now he wants to kill you.”

Now, understand, at that time I had NO IDEA that Rena was going out with Brock Lesner, let alone LIVING with him, so when a guy answered the phone–I had NO IDEA who it was. From there Kurt called Brock back, going to bat for me, but–-it was already too late. In Brock’s mind, since I didn’t formally introduce myself to him–despite the fact that I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS HIM–he wanted to end my life, much the same way he ended Taker’s streak. Needless to say I never spoke to Rena again, and can’t put her in my top 5 because I’m not ready to pack it in–-not just yet.


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Marc Mero posted another photo of  Rena’s granddaughter Sophia & himself on his facebook page.


Rena, Brock and their kids are back home in Minnesota after spending some time in Saskatchewan. Brock is rumored to return back to WWE Raw monday, july 21st.

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Rena’s husband Brock Lesnar was recently shown on an episode of “The High Road”, a show about hunting/outdoors. When the host asked him which rifle he was using to shoot the deer Brock answered that it was Rena’s & also mentioned what kinda rifle it is. You can watch that part at 3:40min into the episode:

According to some other guy who used to hunt with Brock in the past, Rena prefers bowhunting over rifles.

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Former WWE writer Vince Russo talked briefly about Sable’s push in the late 1990s during a recent episode of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast:

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We uploaded photos of Rena from before she became ‘Sable’ in WWF/E.

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In 2000 nutritionist Don Lemmon (RIP) interviewed Rena for his official website. They talked about healthy eating and diets but also about everyday things. Below is a little preview; to read the full interview go HERE.

DON: You’ve been asked to interview for that has had over 12 million visitors in the past 24 months. I want to know what ONE interview you did in the past that you were most proud of and what makes the most recent one most memorable?

RENA MERO: Larry King is the interview I’m most proud of, it gave me the opportunity to express my opinions on issues that were very important to me. Muscle & Fitness is my most recent interview. This one stands out because it is part of my lifestyle I’m very proud of. I love sharing information about training and proper nutrition and the benefits it can have on your life.

DON: What is your favorite ‘good for you’ meal and favorite cheat food?

RENA MERO: Good food-Sushi… Bad food-Pasta with alfredo sauce.

DON: What makes you cringe? What makes you smile so wide your jaw aches?

RENA MERO: People that are negative. A good all out eat anything you want cheat day!

DON: I am curious what is your most frequently asked question. I am also curious if you have a favorite little getaway you go to?

RENA MERO: How often do you workout? Will you marry me? Can you send me naked pictures! (Laughs.) I enjoy going to the Bahamas most.


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Today we have videos & and over 600 screencaps of Sable on WWE’s new Countdown Show.

Hottest Couples: #7 Sable & Marc Mero

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Dangerous Divas: #8 Sable

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Rena Marlette Greek was born on August 8, 1967 in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1996 she got signed by the WWE and portrayed the character of "Sable". In only 3 short years she became a huge success earning her the WWE Women's Championship. Her popularity led to Playboy offering her to pose for their magazine which she did twice in 1999 and again in 2004. Rena left the WWE in 1999 and returned to the company in 2003. During that time she filmed movies, modeled and was the on-screen CEO of the XWF. In 2004 Rena retired from the wrestling bizz. Today she is married to WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar and is also a mom of 2 little boys.
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[January 05, 16 years ago]
Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs Tom Brandi

The whole point of the match was to set up one spot where Mero flies out of the ring, landing on top of Sable in the process. Sable holds her ankle in pain. Brandi picks her up to carry her to the back, but Mero hits him from behind, tosses him back in the ring and nails him with the TKO. Mero signals for a second one, but is spun around and kicked by Steve Austin, who has put in another appearance. Mero rides the Stone Cold Stunner Express, earning a DQ win in the match for his troubles. Austin prepares to leave, pausing just long enough to give Sable a long, wicked look.
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