Fast Facts

*[Personal Info]*
: Rena Marlette Lesnar
Born As: Rena Marlette Greek
A.k.a. : Rena Marlette Mero(witz), Sable
Birthday: August 8th 1967
Born In: Jacksonville, Florida
Lives In: 
Alexandria, Minnesota; also owns house in Canada
Education: Normandy Village Elementary School, Ed White High School
Hair Color: brunette, dyed blonde
Eyes: usually wears blue or green lenses
Height: 56"
Weight: 118lbs
Measurements: 36C-24-35
Special Attributes: is a left-hander

Siblings: 2 sisters, brother, Rena is 2nd oldest
Marital Status
: married
-Wayne Richardson (1987-Oct 19th 1991, died in car crash)
-Marc Merowitz (June 7th 1994-2004, divorce)
 -Brock Lesnar (since May 6th 2006)
-daughter Mariah (*March 8th 1988 to Wayne Richardson, adopted by Marc Mero)
-stepdaughter Mya Lynn (Brock's daughter, *April 10th 2002)
-son Turk (*June 3rd 2009 to Brock Lesnar)
-son Duke (*July 21 2010 to Brock Lesnar)

Favorite Music: Country & Classic/Glam Rock (Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Led Zeppelin, KISS,.. but also Bon Jovi)
Favorite Books: one of them is Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes"
Favorite Scent: "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock; Sharon Stone; Susan Sarandon
Favorite Actor: Michael Douglas; Nicholas Cage
Favorite Movies: Total Recall; True Lies; Legends Of The Fall; Titanic
Favorite Game: Tetris
Favorite Cartoon: Scooby-Doo

*[Wrestling Career]*
Wrestling Federations She Worked For
Wrestling Career Highlights: WWF Women's Champion; XWF's CEO

Matches/Contests Every Sable-Fan Needs To Watch:
-Sable & Marc Mero vs Luna & Goldust (WM 14)
-Sable & Edge vs Jacqueline & Marc Mero (Summerslam 98)
-Sable vs Jacqueline -Bikini Contest (Fully Loaded 98)
-Sable vs Tori -Women's Title Match (WM 15)
-Sable vs Torrie Wilson -Bikini Contest (Judgment Day 2003)

Debut On WWE Television: March 31st 1996, Wrestlemania 12
Became WWF Women's Champion: November 15th 1998 in Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY (def. Jacqueline Moore)
Lost The WWF Women's Title: May 10th 1999 in (her then-hometown) Orlando, Florida to Debra McMichael
Title Reign Lastet: 5 months & 25 days
Return to WWE: April 1st 2003

*[General Career Highlights]*
Posed For Playboy In Issues
: 4/99; 9/99 & 2/04
Movies: Corky Romano; Ariana's Quest; Bound Heat- Tears At Dawn (also known as "Final Victim" and "Girlcamp 03"); Chained Sinners- Medieval Fleshpots (also known as "Sins Of The Realm")
Guest Starring In TV Series: Relic Hunter; Pacific Blue; First Fave
Guest Appearances In: Country-music video "Breath"; Sin City Spectacular; The X Show; The Tonight Show; Larry King Live; The Howard Stern show (2 times); Regis and Kathy Lee; Entertainment Tonight (Featured 7 times); The Roseanne Show; The Late Late Show; Dateline NBC (Featured 2 times); Extra (Featured 5 times); The Donnie and Marie Show; Inside Edition (Featured 3 times); VH1 Rock Across America (Guest VJ); MTV's "Loveline" (Guest co-host); VH1 "The List" ; Politically Incorrect; The Paula Zahn Show; Off the Record (2 times); Philly After Midnight (2 times); The Fox Files (2 Times); SCI-FI Comercial "Attack of the 50 ft woman"; National Enquirer TV; USA's Happy Hour; Playboy TV (Feature Commercial); Fox's Morning Show; The John Gallagher Show; ...and many more