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X-Pac Says He’s Sorry For Putting Feces In Rena’s Bag
Post by Suzi on July 25th, Comments Off

Although it always seems like Sean “X-Pac” Waltman enjoys to talk about the “rib” that ultimately made Rena leave and sue the WWE in 1999 he noted on Twitter today that he “was a punk kid” who is “sincerely sorry” for putting human feces in Rena’s bags at a UK tour.


Lesnars On TMZ
Post by Suzi on July 17th, Comments Off has a story on Brock & Rena eating at a restaurant after Raw last monday. It includes what they ate, how much they paid and there’s also a photo of Rena.. well, the photo curse continues: you only see the top of her head standing behind Brock. Take a look at that article here.

TMZ has learned Lesnar and his wife Sable hit up Fresco restaurant in Montclair, NJ on Monday … and Brock put his belly to the test.

Check out what he ate:

– Ahi tuna with asparagus (shared)
– Margherita pizza (shared)
– Chicken Parm … with TRIPLE-EXTRA chicken
– Full bowl of parpadelle bolognese

… and, to top things off, dude crushed a slice of cheesecake by himself.

We’re told the entire meal cost just north of $500 … PLUS, we’re told the WWE star left a “very generous” tip to everyone who stayed past closing time to take care of him.

Update On Rena
Post by Suzi on July 17th, Comments Off

Rena & her husband Brock are back in Canada one day after Brock’s latest appearance on Raw. They spent some time at a motorcycle custom shop today, probably getting some extras for their bike. Below is a photo (from behind, really small, bad quality.. you should know by now) of the couple & their motorcycle from earlier today. People who saw them said Brock was riding the bike while Rena drove in her car behind him, for whatever reason.


Jacqueline Tweets On Rena
Post by Suzi on July 16th, Comments Off

Former WWE Diva Jacqueline who had a great feud vs Sable in 1998 answered some fan questions on Twitter. When asked if she got along backstage with Rena she answered: “had no problem with Sable”.


Video Vault Addition: Raw June 22nd 1998
Post by Suzi on July 14th, Comments Off

We uploaded all of Sable’s actions from the june 22nd 1998-edition of Raw. Watch her cost Marc Mero a match & introduce the WWE Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin who gives her a message to pass on to Vince McMahon:

For more videos of Rena visit our Video Website!

Lisa Marie Varon Tweets About Rena
Post by Suzi on July 9th, Comments Off

Lisa Marie Varon, better known as “Victoria” in WWE & “Tara” in TNA, was asked on Twitter if she enjoyed working with Rena back in 2003/04 when both women where part of the WWE roster. Varon wrote back:  “Heck yes! She is amazing”


Update On Rena
Post by Suzi on July 7th, Comments Off

The Lesnar’s are currently [july 6] at a rodeo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Below is a photo of Rena & Brock (the kid could be son Turk but not sure) at the event. Unfortunately the photo only shows them from behind but I’m still loving Rena’s sense of style.


New Photo Of Rena & Brock // +article
Post by Suzi on July 4th, Comments Off

Someone snapped this picture of Rena & Brock on their Harley yesterday in Canada.  Again, it’s real bad quality but given that there are barely any new photos of Rena I post it anyway:


Sltdwrestling published an article/blog on “Sable – A Real Diva” today. You can read that one here.

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